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If you wish to make a self-referral into the Feel Good Suffolk service, your Feel Good Suffolk Advisor can help you find local support options.

Feel Good Suffolk offers services around stopping smoking, being more active or managing a healthy weight (please note, eligibility criteria does apply).

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What support to expect

What happens when you make a self-referral?

After you make a self-referral, your case will be passed onto a Feel Good Suffolk Advisor, who will review your referral, consider the type(s) of support most suitable for you and be in touch with the next steps.

What types of support do we offer?

Feel Good Suffolk is a completely new approach to support people in Suffolk to improve their health and wellbeing. Services include support to stop smoking, manage weight and be more active. You can find a wide range of information that can support you with your goals, including information on quitting smoking, losing weight and being more physically active on this website.

Many of our support services are universally available, for example Wellbeing Walks and leisure centre activities. For those that meet Feel Good Suffolk’s eligibility criteria and need further support, a range of targeted interventions are available via a self-referral to a Feel Good Suffolk Advisor.

What do we not offer?

There are a number of support services that Feel Good Suffolk does not offer.
They include:

  • Prescription of weight loss and or smoking cessation medication
  • Administration of weight loss injections or tablets
  • Support for those wishing to undergo bariatric surgery
  • Counselling and therapeutic services
  • Clinical interventions or advice
  • NHS sveikatos patikrinimai
  • Child Weight Management

We are also unable to refer clients into clinical support.

When to see your GP for a referral

In some circumstances we may need medical clearance from a health professional that Feel Good Suffolk is a suitable support service for you. If you have a BMI of 40 kg or higher, or multiple long-term health conditions, we would recommend that you contact your GP, who will be able to submit a referral to Feel Good Suffolk on your behalf.

Šeima dviračiu

Physical activity support

Support and advice to help you get active

stop graphic written in broken cigarettes

Nustokite rūkyti pagalbines priemones

Nicotine replacement therapy and vape supply

Prieiga prie pagalbos

Group support sessions

Help to manage a healthy weight and healthy food

Digital Devices Graphic

Information and advice

Lots of information and advice throughout this website

Speech Bubble Graphic

1-2-1 conversations

With a Feel Good Suffolk advisor

How to make a self-referral

Firstly, please check your eligibility for support by reading the criteria below.

If you do not meet the criteria you may not be eligible to support from a Feel Good Suffolk advisor.

Click the ‘make a referral’ button link below to start your self-referral.

Tinkamumo mesti rūkyti kriterijai

Jūs turite būti:

  • gyvenantis Safolke
  • dabartinis rūkalius
  • 12 metų ir vyresni
  • norintis mesti rūkyti

    Tinkamumo sveiko svorio kriterijai

    Jūs turite būti:

    • Gyvena Safolke
    • 18 metų ir vyresni
    • Motyvuotas siekti sveiko svorio
    • Have a BMI over 27.5 and an existing health condition/are from an ethnic minority community.

    Tinkamumo būti aktyviems kriterijai

    Jūs turite būti:

    • Gyvena Safolke, 18 metų ir vyresni
    • Šiuo metu neaktyvus – neužsiima fizine veikla bent 30 minučių per dieną.
    • Motyvuotas būti aktyvesniems

    Kad galėtumėte dalyvauti pratyboje dėl persiuntimo, turite turėti vieną iš šių dalykų:

    - Stabili ilgalaikė sveikatos būklė, pvz., diabetas, vėžys
    - Negalia
    -No contraindications to exercise.