Support to stop smoking

What happens when you refer to the Feel Good Suffolk Stop Smoking service?

You will be contacted by one of our trained Feel Good Suffolk Advisers who will chat with you about your options and how you can manage your Stop Smoking journey.  

No two journeys are the same and you must choose a strategy that will work for you. They will discuss options and how we can help you get going.

Accessing support

Included in this are added treatment options and support

  • Allan Carr Easyway to Stop Smoking.  Feel Good Suffolk has partnered with Allen Carr’s ‘Easy way to help people stop smoking.’ This is a nicotine-free way of quitting which uses psychological support to help you stop smoking.
  • NRT on prescription. Arranged for you to pick up from your pharmacist or receive by post.
  • Vapes: Swap to stop.  Through Feel Good Suffolk you can also access the Swap To Stop scheme which provides you with a 12 week vape starter kit.  Helping you move from smoker to ex-smoker.
NRT graphic

Guided support from our trained Feel Good Suffolk advisors

All our Feel Good Suffolk Advisers have been trained by ‘The National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training’ (NCSCT). 

The NCSCT is a social enterprise committed to supporting the delivery of effective evidence-based tobacco control programmes and smoking cessation interventions country wide.  

Making positive change

Feel Good Suffolk has the support of behavioural psychologists to help you turn your good intentions into lasting change.

Changing how you live your day-to-day life can be a challenge and we have techniques that can help you to prepare, plan, stay focused and roll with the ups and downs of change.

Download our Stop Smoking booklet

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Download our Behaviour Change booklet

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Get support local to you

If you wish to make a referral into the Feel Good Suffolk service, your Feel Good Suffolk Advisor can support you to access information contained on this website or community assistance local to you.

They can also advise you on the eligibility criteria for more intensive levels of support around managing a healthy weight, stopping smoking and being more active.

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