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Accessibility Sampling Approach

Our approach to deciding on a sample of pages to test was to firstly to ensure we selected a fair range of pages that included a representative sample including all functionality across the site.

The pages selected for the basic accessibility checks for the Feel Good Suffolk website included those that contained:

  • All types of content (such as text, video, images);
  • Interactive tools (such as forms);
  • Functionality (such as login features);
  • Navigation (such as menus and search);
  • Legal information

The basic checks include compliance to international WCAG 2.1 AA standard, and encompassed the following main assessment areas:

  1. Text content
  2. Images, video and audio content
  3. Interactive tools and transactions
  4. PDFs and other documents
  5. Technology
  6. HTML checks

We used a range of methods to test the sample pages, which included third party assessment tools, online applications and manual assessment.

There is an ongoing annual review process planned.