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Feel Good Suffolk is a new approach to support people to make positive changes to their health and wellbeing. 

It’s a collaboration between Suffolk County Council’s Public Health & Communities team and all District and Borough councils, plus health partners.

People in Suffolk are helped at the right time and place to make positive changes to their health and wellbeing.

This website is the digital front door to the new Feel Good Suffolk service providing:

Universal, quality-assured information and signposting for self-help

Access to a referrals management platform for more intensive support

The service will deliver interventions for both universal and targeted population groups within:

Adult Weight Management – Healthy Weight

Physical Activity – Be Active

Smoking Cessation – Stop Smoking

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How to use this service as a healthcare professional

Please remember:

There is a wealth of free information on this website which you can encourage clients to access.

You can refer a client yourself via the ‘Get Support’ section or your client can complete the form themselves.  Within the referral form, it would be greatly appreciated if you could use the additional information field to include relevant information about the client.

All referrals (either via a clinician or client) will be triaged by a Feel Good Suffolk Advisor. The advisor will then contact the client to go through their referral form and discuss their needs in further depth, to find out what support they need and inform them of the next steps.

Important: Suffolk-based practices and all pharmacies (non-Waveney)

Referrals into Feel Good Suffolk

  • Feel Good Suffolk’s referrals platform will NOT be integrated with primary care systems from the outset, but there is ongoing development of this functionality and we will work with you to ensure you have the information you need throughout this process.
  • You can refer to all Feel Good Suffolk services using a simple referral housed within DXS on SystmOne. The form is now available from the ‘Community, Referral’ folder in DXS and is called ‘Feel Good Suffolk’.
  • Pharmacy teams should use the ‘self-referral form’ on this website via this link. This can be completed on a patient’s behalf, as well as by the patient themselves.
  • Once submitted, all forms will be ‘triaged’ to the Feel Good Suffolk team best suited to meet the client’s needs on a locality basis so they can follow up with the most timely, tailored support.

Important – Waveney-based practices

Waveney Primary Care Practices:

    Eligibility / Target audiences for each service area

    Eligibility criteria for Stop Smoking

    Clients/patients you refer must be:

    • resident in Suffolk
    • current smoker
    • aged 12 and above
    • wishing to stop smoking

      Eligibility criteria for Healthy Weight

      Please note:
      We will only be accepting professional referrals for individuals with a BMI ≥ 40 kg.m-2, or 35 kg.m-2 where a co-morbidity is present. Individuals with a BMI below 40 kg.m-2 or 35 kg.m-2 with a co-morbidity can still self-refer via the form on this website here.


      • Resident in Suffolk
      • Aged 18 years and over
      • Motivated to achieve a healthy weight
      • Individuals with a BMI ≥ 30 kg.m-2 OR BMI ≥ 27.5 kg.m-2 and are from an ethnic minority group or have a co-morbidity.

      Eligibility criteria for Be Active

      Please note: we can only provide Exercise on Referral to clients who have been referred by a healthcare professional and meet the criteria to access.

      Clients/patients you refer for any physical activity support must be:

      • Resident in Suffolk, aged 18 years and above
      • People who are inactive (as set out by the UK Chief Medical Officers’ guidelines)
      • Motivated to be more active

      To be eligible for Exercise on Referral, clients/patients should have one of the following:

      -A stable long-term health condition, e.g, diabetes, cancer
      -A disability
      -No contraindications to exercise

      Feel Good Suffolk can support the following cohorts to access wider physical activity provision:

      • People with long-term conditions and limiting illness
      • People with disabilities
      • People from ethnic minority backgrounds
      • People living in deprived areas/on low incomes
      • Unpaid carers
      • Pregnant women
      • People exiting from rehabilitation services

      Using the referral form to access local support

      You can use this referral form if you are a clinician making the referral on behalf of a client.

      The form will be submitted to a Feel Good Suffolk advisor who will then contact the client to support them in accessing information contained on this website or community assistance local to them.

      They can also advise clients on the eligibility criteria for more intensive levels of support around managing a healthy weight, stopping smoking and being more active.