The Suffolk Show 2024 was visited by thousands to celebrate life in Suffolk.

The Suffolk Show has been a focal point of the farming year since 1831. It moved to its current home at Trinity Park in 1960 and is a wonderful festival of the county’s agricultural heritage, culture, and industry.

Feel Good Suffolk was proud to join the many organisations, charities and businesses at this years show. We were part of Suffolk County Council’s 50th birthday celebrations and joined the wider offers of support provided by the council to Suffolk’s communities.

It was great to meet with so many of you and begin our discussion with you about how we can help you improve your health and wellbeing. Feel Good Suffolk provide support to help you stop smoking, move more, and eat well.

Suffolk County Council is working in collaboration with its District and Borough Council partners to provide a tailored and more responsive service to local people that is able to respond to the challenges in our ever changing society.

Central to our message is the power of small changes. Being healthier is something we’d all like to be but the demands of life can make it impossible to feel like you can do anything about it.

We are all time poor and rising costs makes many goals seem unachievable. Feel Good Suffolk is here to help you.

Our work is guided by support from behavioural scientists who can help you break down the barriers that are stopping you from making the changes you need. We have a wealth of information to support you, as well as Feel Good Suffolk Advisors to help you.  Check out the eligibility on our website to see if you qualify for our interventions and face-to-face support.

One of our clients tells us just how powerful small changes can be.

“The idea is to look at your life and where you could make a change. So, for me, I always used to have a cuppa on an evening after our main meal and I would always have a biscuit with it and of course, one biscuit would always lead to three more!

So that was the place I started. I just stopped having a cuppa on an evening. That led to more small changes which have added up to have a big impact on my weight.

I’ve lost 8kg and an inch and a half off my waist. I feel great, I have so much more energy and I don’t feel like I’m starving myself, I’m just eating well.”

We are at the start of our journey as a service, and we are keen to make sure that our work meets the needs of all the people and communities in Suffolk. So, to that end we will be coming out and about in the next year to see what you think.

It’s important that our website is a living source of information and guidance. You can look forward to seeing further developments in the coming months.  We’ll be updating our content and adding   downloadable resources with lots of tools to help you take your first steps. 

All of our support is aimed at putting you firmly in the driving seat and empowering you to make the small changes that will add up to making a big difference.

In fact, following on from the fun we had at the Suffolk Show, one of the team was pointed in the direction of the following missive from one of the visitors to our stall. Sharing it and its message is what we are all about.

Saving £8 a day = £3,000 a year
Reading 20 pages a day = 30 books a year
Walking 5,000 steps a day = 35 marathons per year

Never underestimate the power of small habits!

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