If you’re looking for an effective tool to help you achieve your fitness goals, it might be just a click away on your smartphone.

The rise in mobile technology has revolutionised how we monitor our health and stay active and the growth of wearable fitness trackers like the Apple Watch and Fitbit are now widely used. But with so many wellness apps available it can be challenging to find the right one fitting your needs or know if they’re worth using.

Why should you consider using a Fitness or Health App?

A great place to start
If you’re new to movement or exercise and you’re not ready for something more structured – apps to help you get started are a great idea. They are mostly simple to use but will help with motivation. Apps such as Active 10 and Couch to 5K

Free advice and tips
Many fitness and health apps provide tips in addition to tracking and goal-setting capabilities. These health and fitness tips are often in the form of articles, daily notifications, calendar updates, or even opportunities to join a community of people who are also using the app and sharing experiences.

Accessible & convenient
Smartphones, smartwatches and tablets have become ubiquitous in today’s tech-savvy world. Mobile apps now provide more support around improving our wellness by allowing us to track health and fitness achievements from anywhere.

Easy to use
Smartphone and smartwatch app developers try to focus on providing easy-to-understand and easy-to-navigate user interfaces to get you started quickly. The process is simple. By adding health information like your age, gender, weight, and inquiries about your various health goals, you can set up a profile relatively quick and painless that matches your needs after you’ve downloaded one.

Individually customised goals
One of the greatest things about health and fitness apps is that you can set goals based on your needs. Depending on your strength, experience, state of health, and desire, the goals that an experienced athlete sets for themself are going to be very different from the goals that a beginner sets for themself. The nice thing is that for most health and fitness apps, you will be able to input your personal health information and be given guidelines to follow that are specific to you.

You can see and track your progress
Sometimes the hardest part about setting health and fitness goals is seeing progress. Sometimes it takes a long time to see a physical change once you start a new healthy habit. With health and fitness apps, you will be able to visually see yourself improve and progress as you set and reach goals. Being able to visually see this information on an app is very motivating for many people.

Other useful apps include:-
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